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The photographer, David Winston, was born in Los Angeles and moved to the UK in 1970 and travels extensively with his camera. Like many artists before him, he has been drawn to the city of Venice as a constant source of inspiration and now divides his time between Venice and the UK.


With his photography he has sought ways to work  both with and beyond the constraints of modern digital imagery. This has led him to both look back to the earliest photographic processes and also develop his own alternative ways of producing a photographic image:


'The two major elements of magic and emotion are the driving forces behind my photography.The camera is a completely objective observer, simply recording everything the lens sees, rather than filtering it through our individual human perceptions. My  use of alternative and experimental photo processes allows me to work with the more painterly aspects of photography-- to portray what I see in a more subjective way,   a captured moment, or a quality of light--  to create a photograph that tells a story and  engages our imagination.’


His work displays the detached, watchful eye of the outsider, evidenced in his evocative and atmospheric images.


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